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In April 2014, we worked with a group of Bhutanese living in refugee camps in Eastern Nepal.

These participants are now resettling in Colorado. We provided the tools and training needed

to document their last days in the camp where they lived for an average of two decades, 

their long journey to America and their first days in Denver and Aurora. Click below to view some 

of the incredible images they've captured so far, paired with some of their writing. 


*All images are for sale and proceeds directly support the photographers and our program. Please contact us for details.



All Images Copyright © Picture.Me.Here. All rights reserved

Click below to view some photos of the workshops and exhibits...



Participants: Durga Basnet, Bhim Bahadur Bhattarai, Mon Maya Biswa, Chhali Maya Dahal, Bhawani Shankhar Dahal, Moni Kumar,

Keshabi Neupane, Kalpana Rai, Krishna Devi Rai, Mohan Rai, Ran Rai, Yama Devi Rai, Aita Rani Subba, Budha B Subba

Project Coordinator: Brigid McAuliffe, Instructors: Lauren Dorn, Brigid McAuliffe, Erin Preston

Logistical Partners: United Nations Refugee Agency, International Organization of Migration, Caritas Nepal

Thank you to the donors that made this possible: 258 Kickstarters Backers, Ricoh and Reed Art and Imaging


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