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"It was like Diwali, the festival of lights!"


Birendra Dhakal shares his story of arriving in Denver as a teen and his first impressions. Birendra is a past participant and now a teacher for Picture Me Here.

Karma Dhondup talks about his first Fourth of July and a wish for his native Tibet.


"It's July 4th...Independence day fireworks. I took this picture in Civic Center Park. It’s very beautiful. It’s very different. I’ve never seen before that kind of fireworks in my life. In America, we’ve got freedom. Here everyone is equal. They are not going to separate. They are not going to discriminate. So everybody’s equal. So we’ve got freedom, rights… everything. Before I die I would like to wish Tibetan people to be free. I like that wish, so that’s why I took this picture and that's why I wrote Free Tibet."

"I'm sorry sister. We meet again one day."


Anjana recounts the day she has to bid farewell to her family as they left the Beldangi refugee camp to start their new lives in the United States.

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