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Picture Me Here Fellowship for New Americans

2017- 2018

With generous support from Arts In Society, we ran a year-long fellowship in Creative Media for New Americans in 2017-2018. We met weekly at Denver Open Media for workshops and our fellows produced powerful stories using creative writing, audio storytelling, video, photography and animation. We held two exhibits over the Summer and Fall and also produced a book featuring fellow's work. Please visit our shop for details. We will update this page with our fellow's powerful projects, so check back soon!


Scroll below to see documentation of our workshops, interviews with our fellows and our animation project.


Video about our fellowship program by Goshen Carmel (2018 Mentor and Fellow)

Dear Younger Me - Postcards from New Americans to their Former Selves

Our Collective Animation

Workshop Documentation - photos by Zahraa Otaifah (2018 Fellow and Mentor)

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