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We partner with organizations, schools and individuals to help refugees and immigrants capture, create and share their stories. We have worked with various ages from kids, teens, adults and the elderly. Our partners involvement range from connecting us to participants to occasionally cofacilitating or funding a program. 


Picture Me Here Fellowship (2017-2018)

With generous support from Arts In Society, we are facilitating a year long fellowship in Creative Media for New Americans, focused on creative writing, audio storytelling, video, photography, animation and professional development. In July 2018 (reception July 27), we will have an exhibit at Colorado Photographic Arts Center and another in September at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Travel Ban (2017 - ongoing)

Participants share stories on how the travel ban has impacted them 

Sponsor/Partner: PMH Volunteers


Write Denver (2016 - ongoing)

New Americans contribute their photographs and creative writing to Write Denver, a city wide project 

Logistics Partner: Lighthouse Writers Workshop / Write Denver & Emily Griffith Technical College


Remembering and Rebuilding (2016)

New Americans sharing their history and hopes for the future 

Logistics Parter: Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

Sponsor/Grant: City of Denver Arts and Venues Imagine 2020 / Denver's Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Mini Grant


Picture Me in the Sky (2016)

A kites and and cyanotype workshop

Logistics and Program Partner: Colorado Photographic Arts Center & Airworks Studios

Sponsor/Grant: City of Denver Arts and Venues Imagine 2020


Langtang Photo Album (2015 - ongoing)

Photographic stories from those that lost their village, community and family members in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Logistics and Program Partner: Rasuwa Relief & Langtang Management and Reconstruction Committee

Sponsors: Robert and Vera Bonnet of the Falcon Fund / Individual Donors


English Students at Emily Griffith Technical College (2014)

Photographic storytelling with New Americans

Logistics Partner: Emily Griffith Technical College

Sponsor/Grant: PBS/CPT12


Damak to Denver (2014)

Bhutanese Refugees document their last days in a refugee camp, their long journey to America and first impressions of life in Colorado

Logistics Partner: United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), International Organization for Migration and Caritas Nepal

Sponsors: Individual Donors


Home Country to America (2014)

Young refugees and immigrants share their memories and hopes for the future in an animation

Logistics partner and Sponsor: Lutheran Family Services / English Express Camp & Crawford Elementary 


Wheatpaste with Teens (2014)

Youth from African Community Center capture their lives in photographs and share them via wheatpasting in Aurora

Logistics Partner and Sponsor: African Community Center


Teens at New America School (2014 - ongoing)

Photo storytelling classes with youth at an alternative high school in Aurora

Logistics Partner and Sponsor: New America School


Southeast Asian Youth and Moms (2013)

Intergenerational photo storytelling at Mercy Housing

Logistics Partner: Mercy Housing

Sponsor: Individual donors


Bhutanese Women's Group (2012)

Photo storytelling with recently resettled Bhutanese women

Logistics Partner: Lutheran Family Services

Sponsor: PMH Volunteers




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