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We designed a beautiful book featuring photos and writing from our "Dear Younger Me" project!

This book features original photography and writing by our 2018 fellows. We asked this group of talented New Americans to write messages to their younger selves before they left their home country and pair these writings with a new or old photograph. The result is a powerful collection of images and writing that serves as a glimpse into the lives and perspectives of refugees and immigrants adjusting to life in America. 

146 pages of high quality prints with vibrant color and contrast. Perfect bound. 8.25"x5.25"
Please email us for info on purchasing. Suggested price: $32 ($25 + shipping and tax) This price covers our printing and shipping costs. Anything above is a tax deductible donation to support our program.

We are seeking a book and print sponsor to make our products more affordable and raise money for our program. Please contact us with any ideas.

Also, check out the Culture Dish book! 



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