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Home Country to America


Picture Me Here was invited to be part of the English Express Summer Camp for Lutheran Family Services. This animation was made by an awesome group of kids from around the world, sharing stories about their journey to America.


Written, directed and produced by: Paw Eh Yee, Cha Pla Moo, Neh Reh, Eh Thaw, Moo Nu Sa, Umulkatum, Rowda, Ahmed, Maysam, Mabamba, Samuel, Depanjali, Rainisha, Arati, Pramila, Sangath, Ayush, Sujan


Special thanks to Erika Bodor and Quentin Perrot for an awesome job planning, teaching and editing.
Thanks to past PMH participants Tashi Chontso and

Goshen Carmel for a great job assisting.
Thanks to Maggie Lautzenheiser-Page, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains and Crawford Elementary for the amazing summer camp they put on for these kids and for inviting us to be part of it.


More info on English Express Summer Camp:

A huge shout out to our supporters!


In Spring 2014, we raised funds for our first international project through a Kickstarter campaign with 258 donors. Because of these donors and important partnerships, we were able to provide cameras, teach in the Beldangi refugee camp in Nepal and have four exhibits (1 in the camp, 1 in Kathmandu and 2 in Colorado). These participants are now resettling in Colorado and we continue to help them document and share their stories. This video is a huge thank you to our donors for making this dream a reality!

2013 Summer Group Shares Their Thoughts


In Summer 2013, we worked with a diverse group of participants that lived in or near Mercy Housing Grace Apartments. These participants are new to Denver and resettled from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. This video features some photographs they captured during the summer and their thoughts around these images and photography in general.

2013 Exhibits


We presented the photographs, audio stories and video by the Summer 2013 group during the Fall at Colorado Photographic Arts Center and throughout the Winter at the Posner Center for International Development. This video captures the install of the Fall exhibit.

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