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The newly remodeled Carnegie Center for Creativity

in Fort Collin's Library Park - Where the exhibit will be hosted in September.

1 City, 40 People, 40 Countries

Picture Me Here and ISAAC are teaming up to celebrate and bring awareness to the cultural diversity present in Fort Collins that is not always realized on the surface, and how much immigrants (both newcomers and those who have been here a long while) add to this community. We also want to present the many, interesting paths that have led each person to Fort Collins. To achieve this, we will be photographing portraits of people from around 40 different countries that reside in FoCo, all at different phases of their lives and immigration story. Each portrait will incorporate a bit of writing by the participant. Due to time restrictions, we are limiting this to one person per country, but open to all ages and stages of life.


If you participate, you can wear whatever clothing you feel best represents your identity and how you would like to be seen. You’ll also be invited to write a bit about your life, in your own words, your preferred language, and your own handwriting. We’ll provide some questions/themes to get you started. A portion of your handwritten words will then be incorporated into your portrait as the background.


During the last three weeks of September, these images will be part of a Picture Me Here/ISAAC exhibit at the Carnegie Center. They will also be featured here, on our website.

If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact us asap at (portrait sessions are happening late June, early July)

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