Tradition: The Bhutanese women carry their values, traditions and culture to their new lives in America.  These form a large part of their identity and connect them to their native home, while some actually became refugees because they were forbidden to practice these traditions and values in their home country. Many families also re-create temples in their new homes, to carry on important worshipping rituals. Families usually worship every morning and evening, though they may just do it once a day depending on their new schedules in America. Traditionally, they will light oil or candles and then pray.

Ganga Nepal

This is my neighbor, in bright yellow traditional clothes, worshiping in his house. He is sitting between two beds. Everyone has a place to worship in their apartment, even if they are only one bedroom. It is very important to us, so they make room for it. They offer donuts, rice, fruit, water, incense. I worship in own house also.